Kreatives Schreiben

Hier ein paar Geister- und Piratengeschichten der Klasse 6b (Schuljahr 2013-2014) :

Music can kill you

My sister and I were alone at home. At ten o’clock we went to bed. I turned off the light, now it was very dark and quiet. Then suddenly I heard a voice – “hello, hello.“

“Meli, did you say that?“ I asked.

“No, I didn’t“, Meli answered.

Then suddenly a little girl stood in our room. We screamed. The girl got angry and said: “Shut up or I will kill you.“ “Who are you?“, Meli asked. “I’m a ghost, a little ghost, but I can kill you!“

“Meli, we must kill the ghost!“, I whispered.

“But how?“ whispered Meli.

“With music! Easy listening stars“, I answered.

Meli laughed. She took her mobile phone and started Youtube. There she found the song ’Ein Stern, der deinen Namen trägt’. She turned on the music. The ghost screamed: “It is so horrible. Please, turn off this horrible music!“ Then the ghost disappeared. Meli turned off the song and laughed: “This was a very stupid ghost. … But now we go to bed.“

In the morning I woke up and asked Meli: “Was it a dream?“ “No, it wasn’t a dream. It all was real and it was a very strange night“, Melanie answered.

A pirate story

Once upon a time captain Mould found a treasure map. He wanted to find the treasure. So he and his team went on their ship and sailed to the island. It was next to Scotland.

After a few days they arrived there at night. Suddenly they heard a noise and one second later a thousand big scorpions appeared. But captain Mould and his team were very courageous. They fought against the scorpions and after a hard battle they won.

The team was very tired, but they wanted to find the treasure. So they went to a big stone because it said so on the map. But there wasn’t a chest or lots of diamonds. Only a picture with the sky.

So the captain called the island: The Isle of Skye.

The haunted castle

It was a Saturday evening. Ben and Sanjay were visiting an old castle. The castle was haunted and they were alone.

Suddenly it was midnight and they were frightened: “Oh. no, it is the witching hour!“, Ben said. Suddenly Ben saw a head. Not Sanjay’s head, but another head. He told Sanjay what he had seen, but Sanjay said to him: “Don’t be silly!“ Suddenly they heard a voice: “Can you help me, please? I’m looking for my body.“ They were frightened: “Yes,… we can.“ “Okay! Thank you!“, the ghost head answered. “Where did you see it last?“, asked Sanjay. “Oh, it was in 2000, in the cellar,“ the ghost with no body answered. They went downstairs in the cellar. The ghost went through walls, the kids from door to door. Suddenly in the underground room they saw a wandering body. “We’ve got it!“, the kids shouted. “Thank you so much!“, said the ghost with a body. The kids went home and slept happily in their rooms.

When Ben woke up the next day he thought: “Was it a dream or was it real?” 

The silly pirates

150 years ago there were silly pirates.

They found a treasure map. On the map was an island, so they went there. On the island they found a big hole. So they went in. In the hole it was dark and cold. The pirates were frightened. Then they saw a box. On the box was a big letter. It said: “Move.” So the pirates fought and then they moved on.

100 years later a man found the hole and went inside. He found the letter and read it. Then he moved the box. And under the box he found a lot of gold and diamonds: the treasure.

Did I say the pirates were silly?



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